Understanding the Frequency of Air Compressor Maintenance

No matter the model and type of industrial air compressor you own, it does require an amount of maintenance to keep its optimal performance and reliability. There is a need to follow the standard maintenance to keep it working properly over a long period of time. Doing this means being able to save in terms of money and time down the line, as frequent maintenance can help avoid expensive repairs while improving the life expectancy of your compressor at the same time. The question on many business owner’s minds is how often one should you maintain the machines in order to enjoy optimal production.

There are two types of maintenance procedures one can undertake:

Daily Maintenance

Nothing can beat the benefits of doing daily maintenance by checking your machine at the end of each operating day. This entails taking a look at the control panel to ensure that each reading is normal and the gauge is properly set according to the specific characteristics of your industrial air compressor. You can check previous records to ensure that the current measurements stay in the normal range and are consistent over time. Doing these daily checkups, regardless of the loading work, can help you in the long run.

Scheduled Maintenance

Depending on your industrial air compressor’s working load, it is highly suggested that after about 1,000 to 3,000 hours of operation, the filter must be checked and serviced if required. You can always check your compressor maintenance schedule indicated in the instruction manual and make sure to stick to the intervals of the schedule which vary from one model to another. The most common periods for scheduled maintenance is quarterly, biannual, and annually. You should save all the most intensive maintenance work for these professional crews as attempting to do any of these procedures yourself can be dangerous.

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