Should You Repair or Replace Your Industrial Air Compressor?

If you have to choose between industrial air compressor repair or replacement, it’s crucial to understand the long-term effects of owning an older machine. An older model is likely to require frequent repairs and maintenance work for its upkeep. Its energy efficiency could also be lower as compared to newer models. Here’s a guide on how to choose between repairing your compressor and replacing it.

Tips to choose between industrial air compressor repair and replacement

Cost Factors

One of the biggest factors when deciding between replacement and repair is the cost involved. If the cost of repair work is very high, make sure that you compare it with the cost of purchasing a new air compressor. If your compressor needs periodic repairs, we recommend adding up the sum of these repairs. If the amount sums up close to that of buying a new one, it’s better to invest in a new compressor system.

Troubleshooting Failure

If your machine operators and in-house maintenance team have done everything they can for your industrial air compressor’s repair, be it inspecting power sources, oil levels, and any abnormal noises, and you are yet to see positive results, it’s certainly time to replace the machine. If extensive troubleshooting fails to deliver the desired results, you can seek help from professionals, and then take a call based on all the costs involved.

The Year of Manufacture

Older models tend to use more electricity and lubricants. It’s possible that you might have air compressors that work effectively for your operations. However, older models are likely to consume more electricity and use poorer mechanics than contemporary models. Sometimes parts and components of older models get discontinued, thus, leaving no resources to help repair your compressor. In such cases, based on the year of manufacture, you can decide the better option between repairing and replacing an air compressor.

Energy Efficiency

Industrial air compressor repair work must also focus on energy efficiency. Restoring functionality to ensure stable operations to meet your project objectives is crucial. However, new models of air compressors have newer and more innovative features that maximize productivity without sacrificing energy efficiency. So make sure that you compare the energy efficiency that you can get after repairing your compressor with that of a new one, and then decide based on how significant the difference between the two is.

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